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Why Won't My Washer Agitate or Spin?


First check the washing machine's spin cycle. If your washing machine just fills up with water, but doesn't agitate, more than likely the problem is a faulty lid switch, a defective belt (direct drive washer machines don't have belts) or a motor problem.

Q: How do you determine if the refrigerator compressor is defective?


Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it. Locate the panel on the side of the compressor, its usually secured with 1-2 screws. Grab a flathead screwdriver and openup the panel. Unplug the starter relay switch (about the size and shape of a small ink cartridge for a printer). Shake it, if it rattles, the relay is bad. If there is no rattle, then chances are you compressor is bad.


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Best Appliance Repair Services In Brooklyn

Best Appliance Repair Services in BrooklynEach of your household appliances plays a special and central role which cannot be replaced by any other. Therefore, in the moment when you have noticed a malfunctioning in one of your kitchen or laundry appliances, you may want it repaired as quickly as possible. Hiring a professional repairman can be a great solution. Nevertheless, since not every appliance repair services company can be relied on, you have to consider a number of factors.

The first key aspect to look for in an appliance repairman in your area is experience. You need to know if the repairman has enough experience in handling different types of device repairs. Check their performance records within years they have been in business to confirm whether they truly have the knowledge in offering quality services as they claim to be.

Brooklyn Appliance Repair New York

The second great aspect to consider is the service charges. You have to get detailed information on how and what the repairman in question will charge you. Though you may be tempted to go for a repairman who charges on hourly basis, you have to remember that most of them are very costly and can end up making you spend more than your budget.

The technical expertise of the potential repairman is another ideal aspect to consider. It required that you carefully and technically examine the repairman in question to know whether they have got the right training for the job. If need be, you should check their certificates to get clear details about their qualifications.

Know whether the appliance repair company stocks or has close connection with suppliers who stock high quality spare parts. With the increased rate at which fake spare parts are being made, it wise to be careful on this aspect. You need to make sure you only get a company that will be able to fit your device with high quality spare parts.

Reputation is additionally a key aspect to be noted when searching for a household device repairman. You need to determine the quality of customer attendance, service quality and trustworthiness of such companies. The right company is the one that is considered honest and reliable in offering quality service.

Lastly, you would need to know if the repairman has the necessary tools for handling such repairs. Proper appliance repair involves the use of the right skills and tools. That said, even if a repairman is proficiently trained in handling appliance repairs but do not have the suitable tools, they may not be able to offer quality services.

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