Is your oven failing to cook your food to the correct temperature? It's easy to take your cooking appliances for granted until the moment they stop doing what you need.

Improperly cooked food can be unpleasant and unsafe. Not using your stove or oven, meanwhile, can be expensive, if you have to order lots of takeout or blow your budget eating out in restaurants.

For oven repair in Brooklyn, look no further. We'll get your oven back to working fast!

A major part of stove, range and oven repair is knowing how various parts function and malfunction. Johns Appliance Services has an intricate and detailed working knowledge of all cooking appliance components. Common parts that can break or wear out which include:

Not heating
Doesn't bake evenly
Broiler not working
Temperature not accurate - temperature regulator replacements
Won't turn on
Light is out
Fuse is blown and more..

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Some of the appliance brands we service are Amana, Asko, Bosch, Frigidaire, Electrolux, GE, GE Monogram, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Kitchenaid, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Sears, Sub Zero, Thermador, Viking, Whirlpool and all other major brands!

Nicks Appliance Service is pleased of offer both electric and gas oven repair. We've years of experience fixing broken ovens for local home owners.

Our oven repair technicians provide excellent workmanship and efficient service. That means we'll always work quickly to resolve your oven repair issues, without ever sacrificing the quality of our work. We want you to trust that our oven repair service is truly some of the best the Brooklyn has to offer!

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Why does my oven not work?


In many cases, electric ovens utilize both the bake and broil element in a bake cycle, the bake element performs 90% of the heating, so if the bake element isn't working, the oven may not heat

Q: How long do ovens usually last?


Of the major household appliances, ovens have the longest life expectancy of 15 yrs. Dryers and refrigerators about 13 yrs, compactors 6 yrs, dishwashers and microwave ovens about 9 years.



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Home Oven Repair Do's And Don'ts

A busted oven or stove can make it tough to get dinner on the table. However, it is possible to get this ready and on time if you know how to do some oven repairs. Think about it; you will have some handy-man skills that help you avoid the need to hire a maintenance specialist thus saving money and having your appliance back in good working condition. The one thing to always remember, besides that of knowing what to do, is to work safely and this call for having a firm knowledge of the do's and don'ts of DIY home oven repair.

Such off the electricity and unplug the oven from the power socket before you start the repairs. It is one of the most usually overlooked steps the most people forget to do before they start working on their oven. You should check for the breaker in your electrical panel and make sure it is tripped; it is just an added precautionary measure that ensures all the power supply to your appliance is off.

Avoid tinkering on a gas oven or stove. Working on an electrical stove or oven is relatively easy since it requires cutting off the power and disconnecting the appliance, dealing with a gas oven or stove is more complicated even when using personal protective equipment. The risks of working on such an appliance significantly offset the benefits. The probability of causing a gas leak and starting a fire or other dangers are high. As such, it is wiser to let the professionals work on your gas stove or oven.

affordable oven repair quotes in Brookyn NYDo:
The DIY home oven repair option should not be a "go it alone" alone thing. You most likely will have some extra help from numerous resources available to you such as the owner's manual. You can research online to get some handy information for the repairs from places such as how-to forums and other sources. They will give you the insights you need to diagnose the appliance and identify and fix the problem. You can get the parts you need from the local appliance repair stores. Remember to ask for installation recommendations when buying the parts you need.

Do not work on an oven that has firing sparks, smoke or is on fire and this goes for an appliance that has such issues for the first time or shows such matters after you have done the repairs and plugged in back to the power. If sparks start flying, turn off the appliance and use an extinguisher to put out any fire. Do not use water since water and electricity to do not mix. Assuming you have it your best shot but the repairs went awry, it then would be prudent to let a pro work on your oven. You will have to take the repairman through the process of our DIY repairs leading up to the sparks, smoke, or fire. The information will help the pro pinpoint what would have gone wrong with your efforts and how to resolve them and get the oven working again.

While working on your oven is an excellent idea, feel free to call in the pros if you are uncertain of your abilities and making the problem worse. Your safety, that of your home as well as that of your appliance should outweigh the need to save a few dollars.

We repair Single wall ovens, Double wall ovens, Built in ovens, Countertop ovens, Gas ovens, Range or stove ovens.

Contact Johns Appliances Services today to learn more about our oven repair services. We promise that you’ll be satisfied with the work that we do and the prices we charge. Book an appointment to have us repair an oven or any small appliance now!

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